Effortless English: Cách cải thiện kỹ năng nói tiếng anh

Effortless English: Cải thiện kỹ năng nói tiếng anh bằng cách nghe và đọc cùng một lúc

Reading and listening together is a great method for improving your spoken English.  This is especially helpful with new or more difficult material.  Whenever possible, get both the text and audio version of a novel or article! Once you understand all of the vocabulary, put away the text and just listen. Remember deep learning, listen to every audio many times.

Đọc và nghe với nhau là một phương pháp tuyệt vời để cải thiện tiếng Anh ngữ nói của bạn. Điều này đặc biệt hữu ích với các tài liệu mới hoặc khó khăn hơn. Bất cứ khi nào có thể, có được cả hai văn bản và phiên bản âm thanh của một cuốn tiểu thuyết hoặc bài viết! Một khi bạn hiểu tất cả các từ vựng, bỏ văn bản đi và chỉ cần lắng nghe. Để ghi nhớ nó thật sâu hãy nghe file âm thanh nhiều lần.

hi I’m AJ Hoge the director I love effortless English is time for today’s student question space didn’t question is this: should I read and listen at the same time so our fans our students now that effortless English is not listening system to improve your English speaking you must do a lot %uh listening but sometimes didn’t want to know if it’s helpful to listen and at the same time read what you’re listening to and yes that is a fantastic method that is a great thing to do expecially when you’re listening to something new that might be a little difficult for you so if you’re listening to something very easy than you can just listen don’t use the tax that’s fine if you understand you know ninety five percent or more then just listen don’t read at the same time however if something is a little more difficult maybe an audiobook for example that your starting to read and listen to it’s a great idea to listen to the audio and read along at the same time then if there’s something that’s hard to catch in the audio where you can see it in the taxed and you understand what that word is also if you find a new word a word you don’t know it all you can pause the audio look at the taxed if necessary you can look in a dictionary and find the meaning of that new word so my best recommendation is use listening and reading at the same time with new material especially with new material or with somewhat difficult material then later you can put away the taxed then listen again to that same audio just listening only you know that you you always want to have the goal understanding just the audio-only get obviously in a real English conversation there’s no taxed nobody’s going to show you a taxed when you talk to someone however text is useful in the beginning stage to help you understand the material when you put away the tax and you listen to it again and again and again just listening that’s the best way to use taxed with audio and that today’s student question I see you again on effortless English effortless English club dot com

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