Effortless English bài 4: Change (20 từ mới)

Changed Vocabulary

show (v)


thể hiện, tỏ ra

to behave in a particular way toward someone

no longer (phrase)

/nou ˈlɔŋɡər/

không còn nữa

used to say that something which was possible or true before, is not now

hug (v)



to put your arms around someone and hold them tightly

affection (n)


tình cảm, sự yêu thương

the feeling of liking or loving someone or something very much and caring about them

cancer (n)


bệnh ung thư

a disease in which cells in the body grow without control

diabetes (n)


bệnh tiểu đường

a disease in which the body cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood

therapist (n)


chuyên gia trị liệu

a specialist who treats a particular type of illness or problem

kind (a)


tốt bụng

caring about other people

generous (a)


rộng lượng, hào phóng

giving or willing to give freely

friendly (a)


thân thiện

behaving in a kind and pleasant way because you like someone or want to help them

compliment (n)


lời khen ngợi

polite words or good wishes, especially when used to express praise and admiration

flirtatious (a)


thích tán tỉnh

behaving in a way that shows a sexual attraction to someone that is not serious

banter (n)


câu nói đùa

friendly remarks and jokes

enjoy (v)


thích, tận hưởng

to get pleasure from something

swear (v)



to make a serious promise to do something

affair (n)


ngoại tình

a sexual relationship between two people, usually when one or both of them is married to someone else

change (v)


thay đổi

to become different

year (n)



a period of twelve months, especially from 1 January to 31 December

perhaps (r)


có lẽ


grown (a)


đã trưởng thành

mentally and physically an adult


Dear Abby,
My husband of 39 years no longer hugs me or shows me any affection. I have seen him through cancer and diabetes. We have four grown children, and we have been seeing a therapist for a year and a half. He is kind, generous and friendly, but there are no compliments or any of the flirtatious banter we used to enjoy.
He swears he’s not having an affair, and he doesn’t know why he has changed. Perhaps you do?
— GRACE IN PHOENIX–[/restrict]

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