Effortless English anh việt bài 3: Bubba’s Food (20 từ mới)

Bubba’s Food Vocabulary

food (n)


thức ăn

the things that people or animals eat

weigh (v)


nặng, cân nặng

to have a heaviness of a stated amount

pet store (n)

/pet stɔːr/

cửa hàng vật nuôi

a retail business which sells different kinds of animals, pet food, animal supplies, and pet accessories

tax (n)



money paid to the government that is based on your income or the cost of goods or services you have bought

get home (phrasal verb)

/ɡet həʊm/

về nhà

to go home

credit card (n)

/ˈkred.ɪt kɑːrd/

thẻ tín dụng

a small plastic card that you use to buy things now and pay for them later

convenience store (n)

/kənˈviː.ni.əns stɔːr/

cửa hàng tiện lợi

a shop that sells food, drinks, etc. and is usually open until late

gallon (n)


đơn vị đo lường ga-lông

a unit for measuring an amount of liquid, especially petrol or water

bag (n)



a container made of paper, plastic, or cloth, used for carrying or storing things

wait (v)


chờ đợi

to stay where you are or delay doing something until somebody/something comes or something happens

hungry (a)



wanting or needing food

door (n)


cánh cửa

a large flat object that you open when you want to enter or leave a building

children (n)


đứa con

someone’s son or daughter of any age

son (n)


con trai

your male child

pound (n)


đơn vị đo lường Pao

a unit for measuring weight

kilo (n)


kí lô

a unit for measuring weight in the metric system, containing 1000 grams

total (n)


tổng cộng

the amount that you get when you add several numbers or things together

pay (v)


thanh toán

to give money to someone for a product or service

buy (v)



to get something by paying money for it

get a good deal (phrase)

/ɡet ə ɡʊd dil/

mua hàng với giá hời, giá rẻ

to get goods with a very cheap price

Bubba’s Food

Sara Smith, who lives in San Francisco, went shopping for cat food.
Sara is 30, and lives at 3037 Market St. She has lived there since 1990. Sara is married. She is married to a man named John. She has been married for 7 years.
They have two children, and one very big cat. Their son Bob is five years old and their daughter Nancy is three. Their cat, Bubba, is 2 years old. Bubba is huge. He weighs 258 pounds (117 kilos)!

Effortless English – BubbaAt 9am, Sara got into her car and drove to the pet store. She bought 68 bags of cat food for $10 each plus tax. The regular price was $15, so she got a good deal. The total was $680. She paid by credit card.
On her way home, Sara stopped at a convenience store to buy milk. Bubba loves milk. The milk was $3.00 for one gallon, and Sara bought 30 gallons. She paid $100 and got $10 back in change.
Sara got home at 11 a.m. Bubba was waiting at the door. He was very hungry.


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